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What happens when you pair one of the Top Functional Nutritionists with one of the Top Online Fitness companies? You get a new company that offers the best Health Programs/Challenges and supplements to fight aging and heal people from the inside out.
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Nicole Andews: Co-Founder Of Eternity Warrior
“I spent over 20 years helping people to feel better without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Reducing inflammation, healing irritable bowels, increasing energy, they are ALL POSSIBLE! This is what we proudly offer. It took me years to Create the right Programs/Challenges and find the right companies to manufacture our incredible supplements. We actually follow these challenges and take these supplements ourselves because they are the BEST! Try them yourself and you will feel the same - we promise!“
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The best products and programs to bring the best results!


We searched for years to find the best supplements to bring YOU the best results! We proudly offer custom-designed products from our very own Alchemetics Line. You can even take a virtual tour of the facility!


Let's face it. We ALL get stuck in habits- And whether good or bad, we tend to always come back to the path of least resistance. Our health & fitness challenges are designed to push you out of your comfort zone!


You can guess about nutrient deficiencies or food allergies. However, until you do testing on a cellular level your are flying blind. We are not talking inaccurate testing from mail order! This is accuracy on a whole other level.