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When Nicole was in private practice she ordered a good amount of specialty testing for her clients. What this testing revealed over and over again was that Most of her clients had nutritional deficiencies. How did she treat those deficiencies? By ordering her clients nutritional supplements to fill the gaps.

Being the perfectionist and true professional that she is, Nicole could not simply send someone to the local drug store for the nutrients. She had to find the best products to ensure the best results. After trying the best of the best products from the best suppliers she found her favorites. Unfortunately, the best products come with a higher pice. Yes, you get what you pay for. Due to her degrees, reputation and relationship with these companies Nicole was able to private label these products under the Name "Alchemetics", so that they could be offered at more affordable prices to everyone.

What Type of Production Methods Are Used To Manufacture
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Incredible protein powder with ingredients so healing for your gut that it is considered a medical food
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Best In Class Quality, Daily supplement packs with custom chosen nutrients to fill in the common nutrient gaps.
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Gentle stool softener formulated with Magnesium Citrate to be effective but gentle at the same time.
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