Top 10 Eternity Foods To Choose!

Mega-foods a.k.a. Superfoods, (aka- now, "eternity foods") are a special category of foods found in nature. They are small foods with LARGE benefits and contain superior sources of antioxidants and other nutrients. We all may be adding more salads and veggies into our diets (or not!), but there’s concern over the quality of foods due to the current-day farming methods & mineral-depleted soil -which makes including superfoods on a daily basis, a rather intelligent choice, as well as including quality (hopefully) personalized nutrients.



Acai berries are harvested in the rainforests of Brazil. These little berries have more antioxidants than any other food! They contain 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine. Loaded with phytonutrients these little berries can help to strengthen your immune system and even help to lower cholesterol because of their monounsaturated fat makeup. The acai fruit tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate.

Tip: Through acai berries into any breakfast bowl, acai juice into any smoothie, or acai pulp into just about anything!

Goji berries are grown on vines in the protected valleys of inner Mongolia and Tibet. These tart little berries have 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges and actually more than any other fruit. They are a superb source of minerals & vitamins A, E, and B vitamins. They also contain and protein. Best of all they are an excellent antioxidant making them an ideal natural whole food for reversing aging and protecting against disease.

Tip: Goji berries make a delicious little snack or mixed into your trail mix with nuts and seeds. Move over raisins, goji berries have come to town!



Maca powder is from the Maca root, a flavorful ancient superfood from Peru. Maca has been cultivated for at least 2000 years and was consumed by Inca warriors to increase strength and endurance. Maca works wonders for our endocrine system which helps to regulate metabolism, increase energy levels, improves sexual development & fertility, regulates hormonal imbalance, rebuilds weak immune systems, speeds wound healing, and enhances memory and cognition. Talk about SUPER food!

Tip: Maca is quite potent and only recommended in small doses (1/2 – 1 tsp. daily) otherwise, too much of a good thing may lead to insomnia and hyperactivity. So sprinkle sparingly over your morning breakfast bowl, smoothie, or really just add to anything you’d like.



Raw cacao – without all the sugar and dairy (that’s in your common Hershey bar) has amazing health benefits. Raw cacao provides a ton of antioxidants – to be specific 14 times more antioxidants than red wine and 21 times more than green tea! It also contains a hefty dose of magnesium which has been found to be the most common deficient major mineral even for people following a balanced diet.

Tip: When shopping- look for 100% Organic raw cocoa. Make a natural hot chocolate with raw cocoa, try a raw brownie, cake, or cookie recipe or just make a chocolate smoothie with it.



Chia seeds are high in omega-3 essential fatty acids, fiber, iron, antioxidants, calcium, vitamin C, and potassium. These little seeds are fantastic for weight loss because they swell up to form a gel when combined with liquid so they create a feeling of fullness and satiety.

Tip: Add to smoothies, sprinkle over salads, toast, or even make a healthy chocolate “rice” pudding made from coconut milk, raw cocoa, and chia seeds of course!



Aloe vera has been used since Egyptian times as a skin moisturizer, and healer for burns, cuts, bruises, acne, and eczema. This is mostly due to the high concentration of natural sulfur (MSM) that it contains. Aloe alkalizes the digestive tract aiding common conditions like indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, and ulcers. It also helps to improve skin conditions, boost immunity & purifies the liver.

Tip: Scoop the raw flesh out from inside the aloe plant and add it into foods to disguise the naturally bitter taste. Add it into healthy desserts, smoothies, or just chug it back with some cranberry juice.



Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds on the planet, with a wide spectrum of health benefits coming from their concentrated source of essential fats, complete proteins, enzymes, and other nutrients. Hemp seed is a highly digestible complete protein source and the top superfood of choice for muscle growth and repair. The seeds contain all amino acids and have a good amount of healthy Omega-3 fats.

Tip: Since hemp seeds are a complete protein, feel free to skip the animal-based protein and sprinkle some seeds over your salad or over veggies for a lighter, nutritious meal.



These little golden nuggets are an extreme source of super nourishment and protein, containing all required nutrients and over 5,000 enzymes. It is a natural antidote for fighting allergies, improves fertility and helps to aid in recovery from illness. Research shows that pollen counteracts the signs of aging and increases both mental and physical capability.

Tip: Increase your bee pollen intake gradually. Start with a granule or two of bee pollen daily and gradually build your consumption to about one tablespoon per day.



Spirulina’s synthesis of sunlight converts concentrated amounts of protein more efficiently than any other living food. Spirulina powder offers a total protein content of 65%, the highest in all the plant kingdom! Chlorella is a natural, green, superfood-based detoxifier! It contains high levels of protein with an “intelligence” that bonds with heavy metals and chemical toxins, totally eliminating them from the body. Kelp is an excellent source of minerals that can deeply nourish all the glands and organs. Kelp is used in many cultures all over the world. It can be used as a powder, added to foods, or taken as a supplement. It is also one of the most bio-available sources of iodine, helpful for those with an underactive thyroid.

Tip: For an easy trick-Get these greens in their concentrated powder forms and add to your smoothies!



Curcumin is the principal curcuminoid of the popular South Asian spice turmeric. Used for more than 2,500 years in India turmeric is considered a powerful natural healer. It acts as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, a natural liver detoxifier, is an anti-inflammatory and speeds metabolism.

Tip: Add this special spice to scrambled eggs, omelets, chicken or shrimp dishes, stir-frys or even into your smoothie!



Young coconuts are one of the highest sources of electrolytes in nature. The molecular structure of coconut water is identical to human blood plasma, which means that it is immediately recognized by the body and put to good use. Drinking the juice from a young coconut is like giving your body an instant blood transfusion.

Tip: Grab a coconut water to prevent dehydration. It’s a much better alternative to commercial sports drinks that contain loads of artificial ingredients, sugars, and colors.

To get cutting-edge nutrition potential and to ward off illness- Make a point to include these extraordinary foods in your daily routine.


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