Today, I’m going to be talking about pooping. 💩 Yup, we’re going to learn how to poop more frequently and healthily a.k.a. increasing your body's own regularity.

There are many factors that can cause constipation, some of the most common reasons include severe stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, dehydration, and even a change of environment or time zone due to traveling.

I’m sure when you’ve been constipated for several days, your abdomen feels bloated and extremely uncomfortable, making you agitated, and even moody.

So what is a Normal Poop?

First of all, not everyone knows what “normal” bowel movements are! Normal bowl movements are 1-2 per day, solid, formed brown to dark brown masses that of course....BOTH stink & sink.

How many times per day should I poop?

Generally, going once or twice a day is considered normal. Going every other day is also somewhat normal, as long as you feel comfortable and are not experiencing pain in your abdomen. Above all else, you want to make sure things are pretty consistent from day to day; this shows you what is “normal” poop for your own body and clues you in to when something internally is off.

What should my poop look like?

When you do go to the bathroom, it’s ideal to have a poop that is all connected in one long, smooth “S” shape. Poops like this develop when you’re eating enough fiber and drinking plenty of hydrating water.

However a smooth poop that is thin or broken up into a few smaller poops is not something to be concerned about according to digestive experts, as long as this is “normal” for you and does not cause you any discomfort. The color of a normal poop should be a medium to dark brown.

Although it may sound unpleasant, your poop smelling is actually not a bad sign.

Poop smells because of the toxins it is helping to draw out of your body and because of the bacteria involved in the gut lining.

There is not any specific smell that is considered “normal”; again it’s just important to keep an eye on things being consistent and comfortable for you.

How long should a normal poop take?

A healthy poop doesn’t cause pain, break up into multiple little pieces, or take a very long time and lots of pushing to come out. It should feel pretty easy to produce a poop and you should feel like you’ve emptied your intestines.

Anything less than “normal” as described above can be considered constipation.

Here are some common causes of “chronic” constipation:

⦿ Certain medications

•Antidepressants (SSRI’s)


•Blood pressure medications (beta-blockers)



⦿ Certain medical conditions



•Neurological diseases


⦿ Iron supplements
⦿ Laxative abuse
⦿ Dairy products
⦿ Food allergies/intolerances

Here are a couple tips to improve REGULARITY:


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