The body has a natural ability to detox in an effort to strengthen our immune system — the better our detox system works (and the lesser amounts of toxins that enter our body), the better our overall health and the stronger our overall immune system! Here, I’d like to share 10 tips on how you can improve your detox capacity and overall, Strengthen Your Detox Muscle!

The term “toxin” includes internal and external toxins — internal waste like harmful hormones that our body might not be able to fully break down (usually due to an unrecognized genetic weakness) and metabolic waste. 

External toxins like pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and processed foods ALL can over time, negatively affect our health. Our body has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs.

Only one caveat…as long as we are healthy!

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Drink More Water To Flush Your Lymphatic System

Without adequate water intake, the body’s lymph fluid cannot flow properly. When this happens, it retains all the waste it collected from the cells, allowing it to ‘sit’ in the body.

Eat A Variety of Fruits and Raw Vegetables

Fruits and raw vegetables of all kinds help the lymph system move waste more efficiently from the body. 

Raw foods contain enzymes and antioxidants that help break down toxins. They are also highly alkaline-forming foods, which reduce the burden on the lymphatic system as a whole.

Use Herbs & Spices That Boost Lymphatic Function

All kinds of culinary herbs and spices boast health benefits such as fighting inflammation, aiding digestion, boosting circulation, and cleansing the body –thus benefiting lymph flow. Those that deserve honorable mention include:
Garlic– this natural antibiotic kills bacteria and viruses, whilst boosting immune function. It’s also known as a powerful detoxifier.
Ginger– is well known to relieve nausea and improve digestive function. As a ‘hot’ spice, ginger boosts circulation and encourages sweating.
Turmeric– this healing root is a potent anti-inflammatory, which thins the blood, and increases circulation.

Include Sea Vegetables (aka…Seaweed)

Some of the most nutritious vegetables we can consume don’t grow on land, they’re found in the sea! Seaweed can help rid the body of toxins by binding to heavy metals, according to Canadian researchers at McGill University in Montreal.

Practice Deep Breathing On a Daily Basis

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of deep breathing is its ability to aid detoxification. Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own built-in pump so it relies on both breathing and movement to clear toxins from the body. Deep breathing also helps us efficiently exhale carbon dioxide through the lungs – another important part of detoxing and reducing the risk of illness.

Get a Massage

Because the lymphatic system is close to the surface of the skin, deep pressure isn’t required to stimulate movement. For this reason, a number of tactile treatments can be beneficial, including a gentle massage, which helps free toxins. Special lymphatic drainage massages are also available, and have been shown to push up to 78% of stagnant lymph back into circulation.

Stimulate the Lymphatic Circulation with Dry Skin Brushing

Get Into the Habit of Dry Skin Brushing Brushing the skin daily with a dry brush before bathing is a fantastic way to boost lymphatic circulation and drainage. This technique – which has been used since ancient times – also improves circulation and digestion, reduces cellulite, and contributes to healthy skin. Dry brushing involves a specific but simple technique, which sees you brush in circular motions toward the heart – the direction the lymph is flowing.

Armpit Detox and Natural Deodorant

Conventional antiperspirants carry some potential health risks, and actually work by blocking the body’s sweat glands. However, we were born with up to four million sweat glands for a reason. They are one of our main channels of detoxification! If the body struggles to eliminate these toxins thanks to a build-up of pore-plugging chemicals in the skin, the lymphatic system can become clogged.

Naturally detoxing your armpits –which you can learn about here – will free up your sweat glands so your body can release these toxins as nature intended. Also, consider buying all-natural chemical-free beauty products. By doing so, you can be sure to avoid these toxic skin-care ingredients.

Use Hydrotherapy To Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation

Alternating between warm and cold water in your morning shower may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but it’s actually a form of therapy called hydrotherapy. This works to constrict and expand blood vessels which improves circulation and stimulates the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system. 

Other benefits of hydrotherapy include glossy hair and glowing skin, less stress, pain relief, increased willpower, and improved energy levels.

Workout Regularly To Supercharge Lymphatic System Function

Daily exercise is probably one of the most effective ways of speeding lymphatic drainage. Working out increases the rate of breathing, boosts circulation, and encourages greater fluid intake. These are all vital to the healthy movement of lymph fluid.

One of the most popular exercises for lymphatic drainage is rebounding!

Exercises like running, jogging, walking, or working out with kettlebells also have a similar effect. Several yoga positions also help boost the lymphatic system.

Relax In A Sauna To Improve Lymphatic Detoxification

Relaxing and sweating in a sauna is a fantastic way to reduce stress levels, whilst getting the toxins out. The increase in circulation and body heat improves lymphatic flow. A far-infrared sauna– which heats the body directly instead of heating the air – is more effective for the lymph system. Or, if you prefer it, the tradition sauna will still provide the similar benefits.

The KEY? Do MOST OF THESE on a consistent basis to "stir it up" like Bob Marley and you'll be feeling fine! :))


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