Spectracell Micronutrient Panel

Blood work is an important part of Functional Nutritional Therapy. Unfortunately, most conventional doctors today only run standard labs which leaves a lot of factors unchecked.
Why would you want to get your nutrients tested? Many things deplete our nutritional status and interfere with our immune system- Conventional foods, eating out, stress, medication, pollution, other toxicity and overall unbalanced or poor eating habits all contribute to nutritional depletions!

Sure, you could get your Vitamin D checked along with your normal bloodwork, although this is NOT A TRUE VALUE! In fact, many people have normal, or even HIGH vitamin levels on their regular/ standard labs, and yet can still be deficient at the cellular level!

In order for our nutrients to do the hundreds of jobs they are meant to do- they must be present in our cells at adequate levels. If not- Unpleasant symptoms start to appear, and we mistakingly judge them as unrelated to anything!

Prevention is key to optimal health! Checking your intracellular nutrient status on a regular basis is a must when it comes to optimal prevention!

Most people benefit from getting these labs drawn once a year, although if imbalances show up, it is highly recommended to check every 6 months to determine whats working and what needs to be changed or added in order to bring your values in the optimal range.

What to expect...

In this session with Nicole you will discover which nutrients you are deficient in, which are moderately depleted and which are in optimal range. You will also find out how strong your antioxidant capacity and immune system is, how well you metabolize blood sugar and if you have a fructose sensitivity. Here is a snippet of how your results look for each nutrient. The green square means you have adequate levels of that nutrient, black means you are depleted and a red square signifies a clinical cellular deficiency.
To feel your best, check your nutrient status on a regular basis!

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