Spectracell Cardio Metabolic Panel

Did you know that 70% of people with NORMAL CHOLESTEROL still die of heart disease? That’s because preventing heart disease includes much more than JUST checking cholesterol. Although, unfortuanately, many practitioners are still just checking the very basic lipid panel.
Functional testing with Spectracell’s CardioMetabolic panel includes checking ALL cardiovascular and blood sugar preventative markers!

Poor blood sugar regulation and unhealthy triglyceride and lipoprotein levels often present long before a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

SpectraCell’s CardioMetabolic, Pre-Diabetes, and LPP™ Plus Tests offer clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), progression toward Type 2 Diabetes, and inflammation.

These check points, along with a new CardioMetabolic Risk Assessment and Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment, help patients understand that not just one factor, but rather a constellation of factors, contributes to the genesis and progression toward cardiovascular disease including stroke, poor blood glucose control including Type 2 Diabetes, and/ or inflammation.

You will also learn about your fatty acid profile and find out if your are getting the right amount of heart healthy omega-3 fats that your body needs for optimal health & prevention.
*Please note: Blood draws for SpectraCell testing are not permitted for individuals in the state of New York.

Step 1: Complete the INITIAL INTAKE FORM on the checkout page. 

Once received, I will drop-ship your test kit to you. (Make sure to include your correct mailing address on INITIAL INTAKE FORM)

Step 2: Wait for your lab kit to arrive in the mail (3-4 business days). 

Your PRESCRIPTION will be emailed to you. YOU MUST include this with your sample & kit.

Step 3: Once received, go to https://www.spectracell.com/drawsite & Schedule a private blood draw with TravaLab -OR- Scroll down and enter ZIP CODE to schedule a FASTING blood-draw at a testing site near you!

Step 4: Open kit, and place FREEZER BLOCK in your freezer until the date of blood draw.

Step 5: Don't forget to FAST (nothing after midnight & water only until blood-draw is complete) & bring your TEST KIT & FREEZER BLOCK with you at time of visit.

Results typically take between 14-21 days from time of sample arrival. 

Once I receive your results, I will be sending you a link to set-up our ZOOM session for review!

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