Genetic Wellness

With the 23andme MAXIMIZER Consult, we take your RAW DATA RESULTS from 23&me -or- and transform it into your very own...PERSONALIZED, Genetic Prevention Plan!
And the BEST part about this report, is that it provides you with information on not only what you may be susceptible to, but HOW TO PREVENT IT, along with a detailed plan designed by yours truly.

These very specific dietary & lifestyle interventions provided could quite possibly, change your fate!
These very specific dietary & lifestyle interventions provided could quite possibly, change your fate!
Detoxification & Antioxidant Defenses
Metabolism & Weight Management
Cognition & Mental Health
This test requires that you have already had the 23&Me Health & Ancestry Test -or- test, as we will need the RAW DATA to obtain your wellness report and genetic risk factors as it relates to prevention.

If you HAVE NOT YET had either of these tests performed, you MUST FIRST obtain these results before moving forward.

To purchase the 23&Me Health & Ancestry- Test-

Once purchased, and submitted back to the company, 23&Me results typically take up to 6 weeks to process. Your results will be emailed to you & we may now move forward with your GENETIC WELLNESS REPORT!

Once you have obtained your 23&Me Results, Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download your RAW DATA file.
Here are the instructions for download:
To download your raw DNA file, on your home page, press Tools, then press Browse Raw Data. Then press Download to the right of Browse. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Enter your password and press the green Download Raw Data button at the bottom.

Further instructions:

Step 2: Email me the RAW DATA DOWNLOAD

Step 3: Check email for Scheduling Link from me!
Check your email to find a time that works best for you! Once scheduled, I will send you our ZOOM link for our session to review your GENETIC WELLNESS REPORT!

Step 4: Let's review your GENETIC WELLNESS Results!
Check your email a day or two prior to our session for ZOOM scheduling LINK to review your GENETIC WELLNESS REPORT!

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