Introducing the *New & Improved* Eternity Warrior!

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•Promote weight loss
•Improve kidney health
•Eliminate toxins
•Rejuvenate damaged cell tissue
•Increase energy levels
•Blood nourisher

Alkalize Your Body Guide
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Alkalize Your Body Guide
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Who Am I and Why I Built This?

Hello! I’m Nicole Andrews! I am a Licensed Functional Nutrition Therapist, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Practitioner, Workout Partner & Mom of TWO beautiful children. As you may or may not know, I have come across multiple health issues in my own life, and have learned how to not only manage these conditions, but optimize my own health, despite "diagnosis"! 
I'm here to help you make living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle- Doable, Fun and Easy through our Challenges, Functional Testing, and More! (Because if it wasn't...I wouldn't have done it either!)
Consistency, Education & Trust is KEY when it comes to developing new habits, And in order to be consistent-

We MUST take on an ETERNITY WARRIOR “mindset”!!!
Nicole Andrews, RD, LD/N

Eternity Warrior Manifesto...

An Eternity Warrior is the youthful, battle ready soldier that live inside of all of us. He/She NEVER complains about what could have been, but rather takes responsibility for where they’re at, and fights like a person possessed to get what they want and deserve.

An Eternity Warrior NEVER takes the easy road. He or She understands that anything worth having in life comes with hard work. This includes great health, wealth and family. Pain for an Eternity Warrior is not a deterrent, but only a slight distraction.

An Eternity Warrior walks the earth with confidence, and NEVER makes up excuses, because He/She can handle ANY situation. They can work harder than anyone they know, because they are mentally and physically stronger than anyone they know.

An Eternity Warrior uses His/Her power and strength to always do the right thing, or make a situation right, simply because it makes them feel better. They use their incredible strength to help others, creating a legacy, which will live on forever.

An Eternity Warrior treats His/Her body like it’s the last vehicle that they will ever own, because it is! They understand that more strength and energy gained every year, enables them to provide monetary support, love and emotional support for their family.

An Eternity Warrior ultimately understands that the fight against time, Aging and Gravity is no place for a child, you must be a warrior. It's a state of mind that you choose to live by.

An Eternity Warrior never stays down. They get back up. They keep getting stronger. They keep training. They keep learning. They keep practicing. Until they are healthy and well again.

Your success in life starts with the strength of your inner and outer body. A strong body will help you fight through stress, challenges, fatigue and disappointment.

You can be strong, tough and capable forever, You can do it! 


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