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Nicole Andrews is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and has been practicing FUNCTIONAL nutrition therapy since 2003. She graduated from Florida International University and upon graduation was elected for the Outstanding Dietetics Award in Recognition of Emerging Leadership and Achievement by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Throughout the course of her practice as a Dietitian, she has acquired skills as both a Clinical and Wellness Nutritionist. As a single mom, and mother of two small children, Nicole is fully aware of the challenges and complexities of balancing work, family and good health.

My ideal client is someone who is interested in taking their health to the "next level" and WANTS TO FEEL THEIR BEST whatever their health CHALLENGE may be. Clients that go through our programs improve their Digestive issues; Heart health; Weight management & MORE. Some clients have joint pain, fatigue, or medical conditions, while others are already eating and living a healthful life, but WANT TO KNOW MORE of what they can do for optimal prevention, anti-aging and overall, how to feel their BEST SELF! 

Long-term change comes from not only knowing WHAT to do, but WHY as well. Join our growing TRIBE OF WARRIORS & say hi on SOCIAL!

Here at Eternity Warrior, we offer many Health & Wellness Challenges designed by Functional Experts. 

"The Healthy Way to Weight Loss" Challenge, is our signature, 6-week program, to help you lose weight, build muscle, clear brain fog, beat belly bloat, and much more! The BEST part is...YOU HAVE YOUR VERY OWN ACCOUNTABILITY COACH! (Something we all need but don't want to admit!) See you online! So looking forward to assisting you on your road to wellness!


Let's have a chat about YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.....

Initial Session Includes:
-In-depth review of Intake Forms
-Specific recommendations/ overall guidelines
-Practices or programs to embark on to better meet your needs and goals
-Review of labs/tests (if you have any from the previous year ONLY)
-If program/service is purchased- Receive a special DISCOUNT CODE :)

Eternity Warrior Services Offered:
-6-week "Healthy Way to Weight Loss, 6-week Transformation Challenge"
-14-Day BODY RESET to Plant-based Eating (COMING SOON...)
-28-Day Detox (COMING SOON...)
-30-Day SEXY Abs Challenge (COMING SOON...)
-30-Day BEACH BOOTY Challenge (COMING SOON...)
-Micronutrient Testing & Interpretation
-CardioMetabolic Testing & Interpretation
-Food Inflammation IgG & IgE Testing & Interpretation
-Genetic Wellness Consult (23&me or & Interpretation
-Private Sessions with Nicole

Contains instructions about forms, etc & scheduling link.


Here are your next steps:
1. Fill out the following forms & email them back to ASAP!
Intake Form: INTAKE FORM.pdf
Quiz: Quiz.pdf
Waiver: Liability waiver.pdf

2. Once forms are received - You will receive your scheduling link within 24-72 hours with specific instructions as far as when your results will be back and approximately when to schedule our session.

3. Schedule a time that works best & we meet via ZOOM! Cannot wait to meet you!
Here's Your Scheduling Link. Please be sure to send the intake forms, quiz and waiver back ASAP or 3-days before our session!


Nicole has helped thousands of clients feel and look better. How do they feel? Check out what just a small fraction of people are saying...
"Nicole helped me to learn how to balance not only my diet, but also my life! I don’t crave sweets like I used to nor do I have the urge to hit the nearest vending machine in the middle of the afternoon."
-Tim O.
"Thanks to Nicole’s help, I am able to manage my IBS! No more stomach discomfort and sudden races to the bathroom. By adhering to her diet & lifestyle changes, I feel like a new person." Excited to keep going!
-Julie M.
"I am truly blessed to have come across Nicole’s practice. I lost 75 pounds, am no longer on my diabetic or blood pressure medications and I feel fantastic! Her sweet delivery makes the impossible, possible!
-Mike W.

"Meet & Greet"

During this COMPLIMENTARY 15-min chat- We will discover your current needs regarding Health & Wellness and identify if we are a good fit! 

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