Create a Personal "Nourishment" Menu

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to rush from activity to activity.

So much to do, and so little time! We find ourselves multitasking during the day and crashing at night from pure and utter exhaustion.

To keep ourselves feeling balanced, we must find ways to make our lives juicy (i.e.. feeling good vs. rushed, anxious or tired).

When I worked in dual-diagnosis treatment centers years ago, holding a group around this particular topic and activity was literally one of my absolute FAV's.

What is a nourishment menu you ask? It's ironically not food-related at all! It's simply put- A list of ideas to help you FEEL GOOD! What a concept!

Pick one thing from this menu, or create your OWN nourishment menu-and do at least one thing from it EVERY, SINGLE DAY! And just watch how your life changes for the better!

"Nourishing Ideas"

Get a haircut… and a tingling scalp massage!

Play piano – or listen to someone else play

Take a bubble bath – by candlelight

Go on a hike and take a healthy picnic lunch

Read a great book

Paint or draw

Play with your dog or cat or fish

Go for a bike ride

Call a friend

Book a retreat

Take a ride in a convertible (with the top down)

Walk around or watch a river/lake/fountain/stream

Hold hands with someone

Take a foot bath (water, salt, essential oil, and marbles to massage your feet!)

Read the cartoon section of the newspaper

Buy something bright and colorful

Feed some ducks

Keep a gratitude journal

Go shopping!

Get out the camera… and take some pictures

Ask someone to brush your hair

Blast music in the car, roll down the windows, sing loudly!

Get out in nature

Volunteer to hold and sing to newborn babies in the hospital nursery

Take a nice drive outside the city

Go to yoga class… or do some yoga poses at home

Get a massage

Go for a boat ride/rent a jet ski

Take a nap!

Take a few deep breaths!!

Buy fresh flowers and put them where you’ll see them all day

Get a pedicure/manicure (or give yourself one!)

Cook… mindfully… with music on in the background (try to match the music with the type of food you’re cooking)

Take singing lessons

Go to a flower shop/garden shop and take in all the colors and smells

Sign up for a class – tennis, cooking, jewelry making, squash lessons – anything!

Throw rose petals on your bed cover

Take a dance class

Organize your desk or garage

Eat lunch outside

Do Yoga

Plant some flowers

Go to an outdoor concert or play

Have a Girls’/Guys’ Night Out!

Go fishing

Have breakfast in bed!


Go to a museum for the afternoon

Color in a kids’ coloring book

Listen to your favorite CD

Take a Breath Holiday – breathe 10 times with eyes closed and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere

Give someone a hug

Spend an entire day reading

Drink a cup of tea in front of a fireplace when it’s cold outside

Go dancing (or dance at home!)

Write a letter/card to someone who hasn’t heard from you in a while

Buy something REALLY nice for yourself – go ahead, splurge!

Go for a leisurely walk

Have Date Night with a partner or friend!

Go skinny dipping

Crayon a card to someone you love

Make your own pottery

Go to a concert for your favorite band when you were growing up

Watch your favorite baseball, football, or basketball team

Take a day trip somewhere

Go swing dancing

Get into bed right after work and stay there all night!

Find a sprinkler and run through it!

Using sidewalk chalk to write messages in the driveway

Pay someone a compliment (you don’t have to know them!)

Take a 10-minute walking break at work

Go out to breakfast on your own and read a good book without interruption

Make a mosaic out of paper scraps or a broken mug

Throw an impromptu dinner party – potluck-style!

Do a 15-minute blitz to clean up clutter in a corner of your home

Light candles

Bring a great novel to read while waiting in line

Sit in a hammock

Go white water rafting, kayaking, or canoeing – be sure to capsize at least once!

Walk away from gossip

Race go-carts

Buy baby barrettes and wear them in your hair

Read old letters/card that loved ones sent you

Organize a photo album

Do a random act of kindness… and revel in the person’s appreciation

Take a cooking class, then throw a dinner party to show off your new skills!

Call your parents or grandparents or siblings

Do volunteer work

Reach out to a friend you haven’t talked with in a while

Have a cup of hot/iced chocolate

Have a guilt-free ice cream sundae

Rent your favorite movie

Snuggle in bed with someone or have a make-out fest!

Watch the sunset

Have a picnic by the river

Sit outside on the swings listening to the birds in the morning

Take a long, steamy shower

Pick wildflowers

Lay on your floor

Play a board game

Sleep in

Learn how to play a musical instrument… or go back to one you already know how to play

Go outside and play a sport you loved as a kid!


Buy a pen that you’ll really love writing with


Lay on your back on your lawn and watch the clouds go by

Find a rose and stop to smell it!

Give yourself a hand or foot massage

Dance around the house naked!

Throw out all old, expired lotions… and then buy a new one to take their place


Leave your lover a note with a lipstick ‘kiss-print’

Put a hot water bottle on your tummy

Buy a $1 piece of jewelry or makeup!

Eat dinner on the floor… by candlelight… with no utensils

Make faces at yourself in the mirror

Head to the gym, and ask a trainer for a new workout idea

Eat a piece of chocolate, slowly!

Make up a fictional story (if you feel ambitious, put it down on paper)

Put your pajamas on as soon as you get home from work

Have someone feed you – eat with your eyes closed – and guess what you’re eating!

Go to the park and play on the jungle gym

Buy cool, fun post-its and notepaper that will make you smile

Make yourself a cup of tea

Watch the sunrise

Go to the library and read children’s books… on the floor or in a kid-sized chair (Samantha recommends Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein)

Go to bed early

Visit a junk shop and explore

Get a free makeup makeover

Spend a weekend at a spa or retreat center

Go to the beach and listen to the waves crash

Pick flowers to press for stationery

Go to the beach with a favorite pleasure book (trashy novel recommended). Extra point for bringing a radio to play your favorite tunes.  Two extra points for bringing an icy tropical drink with an umbrella!

Blow bubbles

Call your mom or dad – if they’re not alive, just ‘talk’ with them – they’re in a better place and are sending you good wishes

Go swimming in a pond

Gaze at the stars

Go hiking

Kiss your child’s napkin before packing her lunch

Make a reservation at a new restaurant

Check out new arrivals at the used bookstore

Go to the store and find one new food to try

Write yourself an encouraging letter

Plan your IDEAL LIFE in a journal

Plant a flowerpot or flowerbed

Watch fish at the aquarium

Sleep in for an extra hour on the weekend

Visit an art gallery

Attend a gospel concert

Go on vacation

Play with your kids… or someone else’s kids

Browse at a bookstore

Rearrange your bookshelves

Do some gardening

Go on a walking tour

Go shoe shopping

Make healthy cookies – and eat the dough!

Conversational driving – talk about fun, beautiful

things/people you drive past

Write in your journal… or doodle!

Take a walk around the neighborhood and say hi to as many people as possible

Make a yummy fruit smoothie

Leave a surprise on a friend’s front porch

Have somebody scratch your back – then scratch theirs!

Watch your favorite show on TV

Tell a friend you love them

Look at pictures from an old vacation or event


Do a jigsaw puzzle

Grow an herb garden

Memorize a poem that you love (or write one yourself!)

Ask someone to read a book out loud to you (I LOVE this one!)

Go to the card store and read the funny cards

Listen to a book on tape

Go on a media purge – don’t watch news, read paper, or listen to radio

Put lavender oil on your pillow – let your bedroom be an oasis of scented pleasure!

For ladies: paint your toes/fingernails a lovely shade of punchy pink or ravishing red

Sip a cup of tea in an outdoor café

Have a pillow party with friends

Take a nap with an eye pack

Laugh with your child or a friend

Soak your feet in warm water and cucumber slices to relax and rejuvenate

Start a book from the “Read Someday” pile

Make a mini Zen garden with a box, sand, and some rocks

Make a shrine/altar somewhere in your house

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at your favorite cafe

Get out some paint and transform a piece of junk

Put two chilled tea bags on your eyes and rest for 5 minutes

Buy yourself flowers. Make sure you really love them and don’t skimp!

Buy a gossipy celebrity magazine – drool over the hunky stars, like you did when you were a teenager!

Create a collage of pictures and words that thrill you

Buy yourself a new, great-smelling lip balm

Buy a potted plant to put on your desk

Sit in the sunshine and do nothing

Stay with friends or family for a day or two and let them spoil you

Let yourself fully feel something – cry, binge, mourn, whatever – then move on.

Start planning a trip abroad

Have a brag fest with a friend – what’s going GREAT in your life?!

Throw away all the old clothes in your closet (have a friend help with this)

Watch a chick flick, sports movie, or adventure film

Go to a psychic or have your tarot cards read (try

Jump rope

Wear one of your favorite summery dresses to work (if it’s too risque, you can wear a cardigan and take it off after work)

Invite a friend over for a glorious picnic on your floor

Glamorize your travel bag: pack candles, bubble bath, fun books, great music

Wear really sexy underwear under your everyday clothing

Make a home video of you and your family

Play a game of flag football with your friends – in the mud, if possible!

Wear your best clothes and perfume/cologne… just because

Get up early and prepare a fabulous, healthy breakfast for yourself

Buy yourself a luxurious sheet set and/or robe – silk, satin, or flannel!

Does anything sound "juicy" to you? It works, trust me! Make your very own personal "NOURISHMENT" menu, do at least one thing from it every day, and watch your happiness factor soar!




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